Truly Sustainable and Affordable Light Utility EVs

Purpose-built for rideshare and delivery… as well as consumers

A new class of EVs based on Indigo’s road sensing smart wheel technology that are roomier, smoother and safer for people and fleets, at a price they can afford.

Commercial EVs for Rideshare and Delivery

We’re initially creating electric vehicles that are purpose-built to provide the best ride experience, productivity and total cost of ownership for those offering rideshare and last mile delivery services. This same platform will support future consumer models as well.

Ultra-Efficient EVs that Move More with Less Energy

By putting our smart-wheel technology in each corner, our vehicle architecture is lighter and able to deliver efficiency like never before. . A lighter weight EV can travel the same distance with a smaller, lighter and less expensive battery.

We are working towards best-in-class total cost of ownership (TCO) by making the most energy efficient EV possible while targeting a price of less than $30k. All while delivering an exceptionally safe, smooth riding and ergonomically satisfying experience for drivers and passengers.

Powered by Indigo Smart Wheels

Our Smart Wheels (electric in-wheel motors with integrated active suspension) sense and react to a road’s surface to provide a smoother ride. Moving the motors to the wheels means more usable interior space and a vehicle that’s easier to manufacture, maintain, and repair.

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