A Whole New Class of the Smoothest & Roomiest Light EVs for Sustainable Rideshare & Delivery

Introducing Indigo FLOW™ and FLOW PLUS™



Indigo designs and manufactures purpose-built, commercial electric vehicles to enable sustainable fleets for ride hail and last mile delivery.

We understand that fleets and drivers are looking for dependable, low maintenance vehicles that allow drivers to be more productive.

Designed to seamlessly integrate data across your mobile phone and the vehicle’s on board displays. From optimized driving routes to handsfree communications, INDIGO is focused on making the driver more efficient.

Electrifying your fleet is not only good for the environment, but good for your bottom line. INDIGO continually works toward minimizing maintenance and operational costs. Our cost per mile is significantly lower than the national average of 50 cents per mile.

Studying how our vehicles are used and listening to fleet owners and drivers, we’re constantly innovating to bring the latest safety features to our drivers.

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