A Better Way To Go

A Better Way To Go

This is why

With a rising population and strengthening CO2 regulations, we’re heading toward a paradigm shift in transportation.

This is how

Our Traction T1 Propulsion System helps our partners maximize vehicle design flexibility and efficiency while minimizing business risk.

A Change is Coming

The future of mobility looks a lot more

Indigo Technologies is transforming the way the transportation industry moves people and things.

As the world becomes more crowded and resources are in greater demand, we’re faced with never-before-seen challenges. Indigo turns those challenges into opportunities. Our experienced team is driving the world forward in automotive technology and energy. 


Learn about the future of mobility.

Our Technology

Driving the world forward

We’re proud to debut our in-wheel Traction T1 Propulsion System. With next-generation propulsion and active suspension, our technology frees the automotive industry to design innovative new vehicles.

Backed by our technology, you can flexibly respond to the electric and autonomous mobility markets. So get ready to disrupt the status quo. We’re taking ride quality, safety and energy efficiency to the next level.

Allow OEMs to build efficient, lightweight, cost-effective new mobility vehicles
Enable a flexible and modern approach to design
Solve for motion sickness in autonomous vehicles
Address challenges and risks to both vehicle and personal safety
Our Story

Engineering solutions for nearly a decade

Founded in 2010 by MIT Professor Ian Hunter, Indigo Technologies has been building a team of world-class problem solvers working to engineer a clean, efficient, and optimistic future for mobility. The suite of modular electric vehicle technologies we are creating enables manufacturers of all kinds to build a better future. Starting today.