Next Gen Light Utility EVs with
Superior Ergonomics & Economics For Sustainable Last Mile Delivery & Ride Hail

Including patented Indigo SmartWheels™ technology for roomier, smoother and safer rides that are more efficient, affordable and sustainable for our planet.

A new class of EVs based on Indigo’s road sensing smart wheel technology that are roomier, smoother and safer for people and fleets, at a price they can afford.

Dash Cargo™

A versatile light utility EV with 90 cubic feet, and 143 miles per charge

Flow Cargo™

An Indigo SmartWheels™ powered delivery EV with superior ergonomics and TCO, 185 cubic feet, and 200+ miles per charge

Flow Ride™

An Indigo SmartWheels™ powered 6 passenger EV with unmatched black car comfort, space, & TCO

Next Gen Light Utility EVs for Last Mile Delivery and Ride Hail

Indigo designed and Foxconn manufactured EVs for the best ride experiences, ergonomics and total cost of ownership.

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