Building the future of mobility

We are on the precipice of a paradigm shift in the automotive industry. As electric powertrains and autonomy penetrate the global market, the structure of the industry is on the verge of fundamental change.

The traditional ownership model is substantially at risk. The kinds of vehicles needed, who will make them, and how they will work, are all being redefined.

Indigo Technologies has nearly a decade-long head start on these challenges. We bring technology of the future online today with our Traction T1 Propulsion System, the seventh generation of our technology created for automotive OEM and Tier 1 suppliers.

How we work

No red tape.
Nothing to slow us down.

Indigo thinks big, and acts nimbly. Working collaboratively with our partners, we maximize design flexibility to minimize business risk.

We enable a fundamental change to the platform itself, giving our partners the advantage in an uncertain market.

We are an agile and forward-thinking company, filled with talented individuals who are passionate about technology, vehicle efficiency, the environment, and changing the future of mobility — and the world.

What we do

We rethink mobility at a systems level.

Today’s EVs are simply a modification to the architecture of gas powered vehicles. To build tomorrow’s EVs, Indigo takes a holistic approach to fundamentally re-engineering vehicle architecture.

We innovate rather than iterate.

Along with our partners, we recognize that the future of transportation requires a revolution, not simply incremental steps forward.

We help our partners maximize design flexibility to minimize business risk.

Our T1 System provides maximum flexibility, allowing the design of vehicles that meet future needs in the marketplace, as well as safety and efficiency targets.

We maximize efficiency while minimizing cost.

Our technology makes it possible to create vehicles focused on just what is needed to move people and vehicles, stripping away the excess.

Who we are

A team of engineers with a radical approach to problem solving.

Indigo Technologies was founded in 2010 by MIT professor and celebrated inventor, Ian Hunter. He began a journey to explore how we could store and use energy in different ways with the desire to reduce pollution and waste in automotive and related industries throughout the world. This journey includes revolutionary breakthroughs in areas of high performance and high efficiency actuation, energy storage, and energy transfer systems.

We’ve stayed under the radar for close to a decade, developing our technology and growing a team with the same passion and innovative spirit that drove Ian to found the company. We are now proud to share with the world the T1 System and invite you to join us in engineering all the ways this system can change vehicles and mobility in the future.


Join our team of creative problem solvers