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Indigo is an automotive OEM producing ultra-efficient electric vehicles with its patented, road-sensing smart-wheels. The smart-wheels enable a vehicle that is smoother, roomier, and more affordable than any other vehicle in its class. Indigo’s EVs have unmatched rider ergonomics and unit economics previously not achievable with conventional propulsion suspension technologies. The entire vehicle is optimized for light weight and efficiency to reduce the size of the battery, cost per mile, and time per charge.

Started by MIT professor Ian Hunter and run by serial MIT entrepreneur Will Graylin, Indigo is growing its team to deliver next-generation, ultra-efficient EVs for fleets and drivers. From rideshare and delivery vehicles, Indigo plans to expand into autonomous and consumer vehicles with the largest interior space, smoothest ride quality, and lowest cost-per-mile of any vehicle in its class.

Leadership Team

Indigo’s leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the automotive and
technology sectors. They are pointing us in the right direction for reducing the overall carbon
footprint while maintaining the lowest cost per mile for transportation.


At Indigo, we think big and work in nontraditional ways to make the impossible happen. Our new automotive paradigm requires a radical approach to vehicle technology, so we take a radical approach to how we operate. If our technology and approach excite you, we hope you will join us in this journey to innovate the future of automotive technology.

Leadership Interviews

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