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Today’s EVs with conventional motors and conventional suspension are too heavy relative to the payload they carry, they require larger and heavier batteries that cost more and take longer to charge. Shifting the transmission into the wheels like Hyundai’s Uni-Wheel, or moving the motor into the wheel like conventional hub motors, adds un-sprung mass that require adding 10X more sprung mass to maintain proper stability and comfort, making the EV even heavier and more expensive. That’s why light EVs have meant sacrificing space, stability, and comfort due to the physics of passive suspension systems.

The world’s first and only road sensing SmartWheels™

Indigo has invented the world’s first and only road sensing SmartWheels™ that makes light efficient EVs feel incredibly smooth and stable, yet more roomy and affordable, by changing the vehicle architecture. Indigo’s SmartWheels™ motors fit into each wheel to free up more cabin space, while providing two degrees of freedom controlled by sophisticated software, for an amazingly smooth and agile ride experience, with unmatched rider ergonomics and unit economics. Indigo’s light commercial EVs will help fleets and drivers lower their total-cost-of-ownership while meeting their sustainable goals.

Indigo is the only EV Tech OEM making road sensing SmartWheels™ EVs with roomier, smoother and safer rides for people and fleets, at a price they can afford. We are building a whole new class of ultra-efficient EVs designed from the wheels up for rideshare & delivery to start, then for consumer and autonomous. Indigo EVs have the largest interior space, smoothest and best ride quality, and lowest cost-per-mile of any vehicle in its class enabled by its patented breakthrough SmartWheels™. Indigo is working with fleets, TNCs, and Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) companies, to proliferate sustainable, desirable and affordable transportation for all.

Meet Our Management Team

Will Graylin

Chief Executive Officer

Ed Lewis

Chief Commercial Officer

Volker Kaese

Chief Technology Officer

Jason Michas

VP of Product Management

Eric Huang

VP of Software

Ron Johnson

SVP Vehicle Engineering and Purchasing

Board of Directors and Advisors

Will Graylin - Chairman image
Will GraylinChairman
  • CEO of OV Loop & Indigo 
  • Former Global Co-GM at Samsung Pay
  • Board of Directors at Synchrony Financial
Jim PhillipsVice Chairman
  • Former Chairman/Executive Director – FedEx Institute of Technology
  • Former Executive of  iPIX Corp., Telular, Motorola, Skytel, Nortel
  • Member of the American Council on Competitiveness
Mark Norman – Board of Directors
  • Managing Partner – First Move Capital
  • Former CEO – Chrysler Canada
  • Former President – ZipCar
Dr. Horst Glaser – Board of Advisors
  • Former CTO – Audi
Ian HunterBoard of Directors
  • Chief Inventor at Indigo
  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Thermodynamics at MIT
  • General Motors R&D Academic Research Fellow
George Wallner - Board of Directors
George WallnerBoard of Advisors
  • CTO of OV Loop
  • Former CTO of LoopPay and Samsung Pay
  • Founder and CEO of Hypercom
Phil Van Wormer Board of Advisors
  • Co-Founder & CCO of Avadain, Inc. 
  • Former Indigo CCO 
  • Executive roles at DuPont, GE Capital TIP, APL Logistics, TotalTrax, and ev Transportation Services
Peter HazlehurstBoard of Advisors
  • CEO and Advisor to multiple FinTech, mobile payment and marketplace companies
  • Former General Manager of Uber Money
Harry Campbell Board of Advisors
  • Owner and blogger of The Rideshare Guy
  • Followed by hundreds of thousands of monthly viewers and gig drivers
Bran Ferren – Board of Advisors
  • Chief Creative Officer of Applied Minds
  • Former President of R&D for The Walt Disney Company

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At Indigo, we think big, and we work hard in nontraditional ways to make the impossible possible. Our new automotive paradigm requires a radical approach to vehicle technology, so we take a radical approach to how we operate. If our innovative technology and approach excite you, we hope you will join us in this journey to build towards the future of sustainable transportation.

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