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At Indigo, we think big and work in nontraditional ways to make the impossible happen.

Our new automotive paradigm requires a radical approach to vehicle technology, so we take a radical approach to how we operate.

If our technology and approach excites you, we hope you will join us in this journey to innovate the future of automotive technology.

What drives us


Tomorrow’s challenges require efficiency today. Indigo’s people value efficiency by creating technologies that enable order-of-magnitude improvements for tomorrow’s automotive designs.


A world with more people requires more sharing of resources. Indigo strives to make the most of finite resources by designing elegant solutions to the world’s mobility and energy challenges.


Indigo’s world-class team of imaginative problem solvers is building disruptive, alluring, market-ready solutions for the automotive needs of tomorrow.


Smart individuals design great individual products. When those same individuals design collaboratively, they create products that spark profound change in the world.

Open positions

Watch this space for open positions as we update the page.

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