Indigo EVs will be available for rent in major cities for 25% lower cost-per-mile than owning a used gasoline vehicle.

OV GO™ Rental On-Demand Benefits For Gig Economy Drivers:

  • Gain easy access to a cleaner and more reliable Indigo EV for 25% less cost/mile than owning a used gas car
  • Enjoy many vehicle features that improve productivity, safety and comfort
  • No down payment and no minimum rental period; Return it when you don’t need it
  • All-inclusive pricing options including insurance, parking and charging
  • Up to 50% lower insurance costs based on driving performance
  • The more you drive, the lower your rate
  • Seamless reservations and transactions
  • Track your mileage and expenses

Benefits For Fleets:

  • Improve fleet utilization rates with rentals for peak demand periods
  • Rent or lease Indigo EVs to start enjoying their lower operating costs without waiting for capital purchase cycles
  • Allows trying before buying
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