commercial and private Fleets

Our 3 and 4 wheel EV’s will help achieve your TCO and sustainability goals.

Today’s EVs are simply too expensive, too heavy, and too inefficient for many of your daily tasks, while also requiring a significant investment in charging infrastructure. Adding ultra-efficient, purpose-built EV’s to your fleet can improve your bottom line and sustainability performance.

Indigo’s unique 3 wheel utility vehicle and 4 wheel van can deliver over 200 miles of range, 750 lbs of load capacity, 80 mph top speeds and  225 MPGe, while recharging faster than any other commercial vehicle on existing L2 chargers. Our 3 wheel Alpha vehicle will have room for 3 occupants or up to 40 packages. Its smaller footprint and dual-side sliding doors will allow for quick double parks while minimizing congestion and safety concerns. The ergonomic interior design and features will make your employees more productive, safer and healthier during their long shifts.

More fleets today are considering vehicle sharing options to optimize utilization, cost and environmental impacts. Our flexible leasing and rental options allow you to try vehicles before making a purchase decision or supplement your fleet needs for peak periods.

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