Indigo Flow Cargo

next gen light utility EVs for delivery fleets and SMBs with more cargo space, best in class ergonomics & TCO

Right Tool For The Right Job

Versatile and Efficient for Grocery, Food, Package Delivery & More

next gen light utility EVs for last mile delivery​

designed for purpose, comfort, & TCO

Invented by MIT Innovators &
World Class Designers, Manufactured by Ohio Auto Workers

road sensing smartwheels™

105 patents

integrated active suspension & propulsion in each wheel

Reinventing the wheel with software driven road sensing stability and comfort, capable of adjusting to bumpy roads in real time.

smoother and safer

Torque vectoring, roll and pitch control create unparalleled handling, mitigating motion sickness and dynamic driving scenarios.

maximum cabin space

Direct drive motors in each wheel to reduce powertrain components, maximizing usable cabin space in a small footprint, making the whole vehicle lighter and more efficient for best-in-class TCO.

Invented by MIT Innovators

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