We’re designing our purpose-built EV’s with your essential service requirements in mind.

Whether it’s parking enforcement, security patrols, maintenance or movement of supplies and people, Indigo’s purpose-built vehicles will offer a superior combination of affordability, utility, speed, maneuverability and efficiency for all your campus, park, public space and congested downtown tasks. 

Our unique designs can deliver over  200 miles of range, 750 lbs of load capacity, 80 mph top speeds and 225 MPGe. Because we’re so efficient, our battery packs are smaller and easier to recharge quickly on existing L2 chargers. Our ergonomic interior design and features will make your employees more productive, safer and healthier during their long shifts while reducing congestion and parking issues.

Our flexible leasing and rental options will allow you to try vehicles before making a purchase decision or supplement your fleet needs for peak periods to optimize utilization and operating costs.

Contact Us to discuss how we’ll provide a superior cost/mile for your fleet and improved employee productivity while helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

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