Vehicle Flexibility

Any Use Case with One Module

Today’s vehicles — even EVs — are constrained by the technologies that power them. Traditional vehicle designs use heavy chassis with axles, gearboxes, steering racks and heavy batteries and motors (or fuel and engines) to power them. Indigo Technologies is breaking this paradigm by developing a suite of technology that allows flexible vehicle architectures: by moving the critical vehicle function into the wheel, the chassis becomes a simple shell dedicated to passenger safety and comfort.

A Better Ride.

The Traction T1 is a complete in-wheel powertrain, incorporating a drive motor, electronics, and integrated active suspension in one package, optimized for tomorrow’s lightweight and autonomous electric vehicles. The Traction’s design radically reduces vehicle complexity and cost while allowing order of magnitude improvements in efficiency, ride comfort, and safety. Vehicles powered by T1 are no longer constrained by the traditional powertrain and have incredible flexibility in interior layout.

A Safer Ride

Competitive wheel motors and traditional EVs use high voltages, that bring a wide range of challenges to vehicle design and personal safety during service. T1 eliminates these dangers by operating at a voltage no higher than a portable power tool.

The T1 is controlled by Indigo’s suite of advanced control algorithms that perform ride and safety functions at the wheel level, while seamlessly integrating with existing vehicle communication architectures to give the vehicle active control over body dynamics. Its active suspension gives unparalleled control over the road/tire interface, improving traction and safety on all types of terrain.

A smoother ride.

The T1 provides a more comfortable ride than vehicles without active suspension. The motor works to reduce the impact of road bumps by more than 50%, based on its suspension design alone. Combining this functionality with real-time road surface data from vehicle location and cloud-based databases gives vehicles powered by Traction T1 exceptional ride comfort.

A new kind of ride.

The Traction T1 propulsion system gives the vehicle designer unparalleled design freedom and flexibility. With all of the traditional drive elements out of the way, vehicles can be smaller, lighter, and more aerodynamic – designs can be order-of-magnitude more efficient than any passenger vehicle on the road today.

With the Traction T1 propulsion system, vehicle designers are equipped to address the uncertain future of mobility and OEMs have the design flexibility to minimize business risk.

An integrated motor designed for vehicles with up to 1000 MPGe performance, integrated into the wheel. The increased efficiency and space in the vehicle allows for smaller, lighter, and more cost efficient vehicles with smaller batteries and faster charging times.

Eliminating the motors and axles of a traditional EV layout allows for more cabin space for autonomous applications.

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