Rethink Everything

IndiWheels, with integrated electric propulsion and active suspension represents truly breakthrough technology for building lighter weight, ultra-efficient EVs without sacrificing ride handling, comfort, safety and functionality. 

Lighter, more efficient EVs can operate with smaller batteries without sacrificing range. These vehicles can charge faster on existing L2 chargers or on IndiAirChargers™.

Smaller batteries support rapid, effortless charging which leads to greater productivity and lower costs for EVs as well as autonomous vehicles, robotics, AGVs and drones. 

Our IndiAirCharger™ delivers safe, reliable energy at over 96% end-to-end efficiency – higher than some plug-in chargers.

Indigo’s precision battery modeling technology enables us to understand the “DNA” of the cells we use. Providing the right algorithm for proper charge and discharge cycles prolongs battery life and improves total cost of ownership for our customers.

IndiBatteryManagement™ is a real-time, cloud-connected battery analytics controller, delivering optimal charger commands and reliable state-of-charge metrics with 100% accuracy.

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