Battery Modeling, Monitoring and Management

An electric vehicle is only as good as the energy storage that powers it. Indigo recognizes the limitations of today’s lithium-based battery solutions and has developed technologies to safely extract the maximum performance from them while minimizing charge cycle degradation for extended battery life.

Cell Analysis and Characterization

  • Leverages high power, high precision, automated cell coulometry methods and custom battery analysis hardware to deliver industry-leading insight into the performance and longevity of off-the-shelf cells.

Game Changing Battery Performance

  • Our intelligent charge schemes improve charge rates and extend battery life cycles.
  • Battery cells can exceed their datasheet performance.
Charge Peformance Graph

Precision Battery Modeling

  • Cell characterization packaged in high-accuracy equivalent circuit models responsive to changes in cell temperature, State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH).
  • Models predict voltage and current response under dynamic loads allowing development of pack architectures, evaluation of power system design, and measurement of product performance in a variety of common simulation environments.

Advanced Battery State Estimation

  • Proprietary SoC and SoH detection platforms augmented with machine learning.
  • Embedded in BMS or onboard computers to deliver more accurate SoC, SoH and remaining range estimations
  • Eliminates drift associated with conventional coulomb counting methods and robust enough to work on cells with flat open-circuit voltage profiles.
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