The Indigo robotic wheel is the world’s first all-in-one powertrain with simultaneous in-wheel electric propulsion and electric active suspension. It makes ultra light weight vehicles with superior ride handling, comfort, safety and functionality a commercial reality.

Integrated Features In Each Wheel

  • Direct drive, dual stator electric motor
    • 22 kW peak power
    • 250 Nm peak torque x 3 or 4 corners
  • Inverter and power electronics
    • 350 V bus voltage
  • Fully active high bandwidth suspension
  • 90% efficient regenerative braking & suspension
  • Integrated mechanical safety brake
  • Adaptive, simultaneous control of horizontal propulsion and vertical suspension
  • Torque vectoring plus yaw and roll control
  • Mounts to standard wheels and 18-inch tire sizes
  • Steerable MacPherson strut or double wishbone configurations
smartwheel 01
smartwheel 02
smartwheel 03

Unparalleled Benefits In Performance, Cost and Design Flexibility

Performance & Cost

  • More efficient wheels plus lighter, aerodynamic designs supports 225+ MPGe
  • Higher MPGe allows smaller, lighter, less expensive battery packs without sacrificing range for a majority of daily driving needs
  • Addresses the comfort and handling issues inherent in other lighter vehicles, at a lower cost
  • Integration reduces complexity as well as part and labor costs
  • Smaller batteries quickly recharge on existing L2 chargers and reduce grid investment

Design Flexibility

  • Functional design freedom unleashed when eliminating central motors, axles, gearboxes, CV joints, electronics and cabling
  • Reduced weight and more usable cabin space

Comfort & Handling

  • Better cornering and shorter stopping distances
  • Reduced pitch when braking and accelerating
  • Torque distribution (vectoring) to each wheel with active suspension improves handling, traction and stability control
  • Digital electromagnetic controls automatically adjust to changes in road conditions as well as passenger and cargo loads to maintain comfort, handling and efficiency
  • Can minimize motion sickness for passengers in autonomous vehicles

Active Suspension On Display

The benefits of active suspension have been understood for decades but their weight, complexity and cost have limited their application to luxury automobiles and race cars. The competitive advantage in Formula 1 racing was so significant, it had to be banned from the sport!

Indigo’s breakthrough robotic wheels can now bring these benefits to lightweight, ultra-efficient EVs that are truly affordable.

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