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Join us in revolutionizing the future of EV transportation.

Let's Indigo!

Discover the future of commercial fleet transportation with Indigo Technologies, founded by award-winning MIT professor Ian Hunter and led by serial MIT entrepreneur Will Graylin. Our robotics and automotive experts are developing the next generation of efficient, cost-effective smart electric vehicles (EVs). 

Indigo’s innovative SmartWheels™ technology, protected by over 100 patents, integrates direct-drive propulsion with advanced sensing active suspension in each motor at no extra cost. Each wheel’s sensors feed data to our software, automatically adjusting to bumps, potholes, and turns for a smooth, safe ride, previously unachievable with conventional technologies. 

Our first SmartWheel-powered EV, the Flow, is in development and is designed for fleets, ride-hail, and delivery providers. The Flow will offer 180 cubic feet of space—30% more than other vehicles in its class. It features a central driving console, a low flat floor for seamless loading, and all-day driver comfort. With a 40 kWh battery, the Flow is expected to achieve a range of 200 miles on a single charge and will be able to recharge quickly on standard Level 2 chargers. It will also kneel for easy wheelchair and cargo loading. Indigo’s Dash, another smart EV under development for fleets and transportation companies, will provide 90 cubic feet of space, a range of 140 miles, and integrate state-of-the-art telemetry with Indigo’s cloud management software. Indigo and its partners are working to transform fleet and driver management. 

Each smart EV will offer driver accessibility via the OV Loop app and real-time vehicle monitoring, helping fleets reduce operating, labor, and insurance costs. Through partnerships, Indigo and OV Loop aim to provide affordable smart EV services for ride-hail and delivery companies, enhancing unit economics and user experiences. By investing in advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving systems, 

Indigo is making future transportation safer and more affordable. We are in discussions with the world’s largest transportation and delivery companies and have secured strategic investments from major contract manufacturers.

Join us in revolutionizing the future of transportation.  Let’s Indigo!

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